10 Tips on your Lawn and Houseplants

1. To avoid injury on your lawn, avoid walking on frozen grass.

2. Lawns that were planted this past fall will require watering during dry periods when the land is not frozen.

3. Unfinished dormant seeding in December can be done in January. First hand scrape or verti-cut areas to be planted.

4. Keeping gathering or cutting down leaves to prevent pile up of leaves. Leaves can smother grass.

5. Keep away from spring rush. Have your lawn mower boosted now.

6. Houseplants valued being watered with warm tap water for this time of the year.

7. Fertilize houseplants every other month in the winter.

8. To boost the humidity around houseplants that require it, place the pot on tray packed with marbles or decorative rock and water. Make sure that the drain holes of the pot don’t touch the water.

9. Check all indoor plants for insects every now and then. Watch the top and underside of the leaves and the soil surface. If insects are observed, Insecticidal Soap sprays manage most insect pests.

10. Houseplant leaves should wash the dust off every month. Situate your plants in the shower and try to wash them off using warm water.

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